What is the RaaS mode?

Robot-as-a-Service is an innovative model of "use robots on-demand service" launched by Zhijiu (Xiamen) Robotics Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhijiu “replaces sales with leases”: customers do not need to buy robots, you only need to pay rent every month or quarter, and you can enjoy the professional services provided by Zhijiu Robot and the long-term post-rental service support, which will make it easier for enterprises to use our robots. The company that rents Zhijiu Robot can achieves the goal of reducing costs and improving efficiency in production and transportation.

Objectively,it can solve the four high problems of the customer's "high payment cost, high trial and error cost, high maintenance and repair costs, high exit cost" and the difficulty of employment.


5 advantages of RaaS rental service

RaaS rental service


Online call service center:

7×24 call center service responds and the technical engineer will arrive at the designated location in time to provide on-site support.

Installation, testing, and training are in place during the lead-in period:

On-site installation inspection, electromechanical coupling adjustment, running tests until confirmed to be functioning properly and providing application training.

Regular inspection and free maintenance during the lease period:

Professionals track feedback, regularly check robots, provide free warranty maintenance, and protect customer rights.

Software and hardware maintenance updates during the service period are free:

No worries after sale.

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