Zhijiu Autonomous Robot Forklift Application Scenes

In order to help logistics enterprises solve cost efficiency problems, Zhijiu Robots provides independent intelligent forklifts as the core of logistics enterprises, and logistics robots with integrated robotic logistics solutions.


Laser natural navigation, easy to deploy

Advanced natural environment navigation technology, does not require any marking on the ground or reflective panels.
If you pull the forklift truck around the desired path in manual mode, you can build the map automatically and deploy it easily.

Zhijiu Robots

Three-dimensional shelf

Zhijiu provides a variety of three-dimensional shelf modification and rental services.

Expand the capacity of distribution center, delivery center and other scenarios to meet the business needs of customers.

At the same time, Zhijiu driverless forklift can be compatible with customers' original types of three-dimensional shelves.

Zhijiu Robots

3m/s, 100 cars cooperate, high speed operation

The speed of our products can reach 3m in a straight line, the acceleration time is only 5s, and the speed of turning can reach 1.5m, which can meet the demand of efficient operation of logistics scene.

Zhijiu Robots

Automatic charging for endurance

Using a maintenance-free, large capacity battery, the life can be up to about 8 hours with two charging modes. Automatic charging when there is no task, or automatic charging when the amount of electricity reaches a custom minimum, so as to ensure that the vehicle runs for a long time and does not change shifts.

Zhijiu Robots

Robot work,  without worry

When carrying goods, Zhijiu unmanned forklift truck will first observe the position and status of the goods through the camera.

Then decide from which angle and height to work, to achieve visual intelligent handing goods.

Zhijiu Robots

Intelligent obstacle avoidance, garantee safety

The use of photoelectric, limit, software, lidar four-in-one safety obstacle avoidance protection to ensure the safety of high-speed operation of the warehouse.

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